Tayside Cancer Support

Blossoms of Hope: A Garden Party in Aid of Tayside Cancer Support

Blossoms of Hope: A Garden Party in Aid of Tayside Cancer Support

We are now on the countdown to our Garden party in aid of Tayside Cancer Support on the 30th Sept. The setting is nothing short of enchanting—a meticulously landscaped garden adorned with vibrant flowers, shaded alcoves, and gorgeous trees.. It’s a place where nature’s beauty sets the stage for an event that promises to touch hearts.

This garden party is more than just an opportunity to be in nature; it’s harnessing the power of community and generosity. Hosted in support of Tayside Cancer Support, every cake, every sip, and every smile contributes to the cause of helping individuals and families affected by cancer.

Tables adorned with delicious cakes, freshly brewed tea and savouries, it’s a feast for the senses, with so much to choose from! The garden is not just a backdrop; it’s an integral part of the event. Beautifully manicured and cared for, it creates an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

The melodious tunes of live music will fill the air, courtesy of a local artist who lent their talents to the cause. As guests chat beneath the shade of the trees or by the garden’s edge, it’s a chance to meet new people and enjoy some sweet treats. There will be appropriate facilities should the Scottish weather turn nasty!

Fundraising for a Brighter Tomorrow: A book stall, raffle, cake stall and more offer attendees the chance to support the cause further. From donated packages to food vouchers, the prizes reflect the generosity of local businesses and community members. Every ticket purchased or cake bought, contributes to the vital work of Tayside Cancer Support.

The Garden Party in Aid of Tayside Cancer Support, we offer support, valuable information and befriending to anyone affected by cancer in Tayside and the surrounding area. We are a registered charity with an office base at St Aidan’s Centre in Broughty Ferry and have been helping people in Tayside and the surrounding area who are in some way affected by cancer since 1994.

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