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Leave a Legacy

Having a valid up to date will in place is an important and caring way to look after your nearest and dearest now by providing for what happens to your things in the event of your death. Including Tayside Cancer Support as a beneficiary in your will is a way you can continue your support for us and others.

When making your Will, if you include a legacy to Tayside Cancer Support, you shall be helping people across Tayside having to face a diagnosis of cancer, either themselves or in respect of a loved one. In addition, leaving a legacy to your favourite charity or charities, not only benefits these worthwhile causes, but could reduce, and in some cases completely eliminate the tax your family might need to pay on your estate. 

When’s the right time to make a will?
Now! So you’re fit and healthy and have no intention of leaving this mortal coil quite yet?… Great! That’s the perfect time for you to make your will!! We rarely have the luxury of planning the specifics of our departure and best to make a will when you’re not ill or under pressure. 


Why - leave a legacy to Tayside Cancer Support?
We often underestimate the value of what we own, but adding up the value of your house, investments, savings, insurance policies, and personal effects can put many people (even those who regard themselves as living a relatively modest lifestyle) over the Inheritance tax threshold. The inheritance tax threshold is £325,000 so if your estate is over this value when you die, your estate could be liable to pay 40% inheritance tax, rather than it benefiting the people, and causes close to your heart.

Any legacy that you leave us is greatly appreciated and a valued contribution to our continuing work.


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