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Our volunteers are the key to the Charity's success. Everyone has skills that can be put to good use! If you think you'd like to get involved whether with our fundraising activities and events;by qualifying as a one-to-one befriender;getting involved with hospital visits or support groups;or serving on our Executive Committee, please let us know. There are many ways you can get involved and help.

Becoming a Befriender with Tayside Cancer Support
If you’d like to become one of our volunteer Befrienders, please
get in touch and we can give you details of our next training course, and provide you with the relevant application information.  The Befriending course includes the following sessions:-

  • Introduction to Tayside Cancer Support Policies Procedures and Boundaries

  • Working with People

  • Listening & Communication Skills

  • Different types of cancer and its treatment

  • Handling Grief

  • Working with other charities and partner agencies


Once the course is completed successfully, our volunteers can choose from a variety of support activities including one to one befriending, visiting the cancer wards in Ninewells Hospital, assisting the cancer nurse specialist and other health practitioners at a local Wellbeing Clinic and attendance at the Dundee Maggies Centre to support the people of Tayside affected by a cancer diagnosis.

Volunteers continue to be supported in their role by ongoing professional training and regular supervision throughout their time with the charity.

Other volunteering opportunities

We have a small number of alternative therapists, beauty therapist and other individuals who offer their services to enhance the wellbeing of our clients.  If you are interested in offering your services we would be delighted to hear from you to discuss possible options.  

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